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Wicked After Dark Blog Hop

It's time for the Wicked After Dark Blog Hop, hosted by Close Encounters with the Night Kind and author Natasha Blackthorne. The blog hop will run from 12:01 AM on October 24th until 11:59 PM on November 1st. This hop's theme is Halloween and everything wicked from sexy reads to decadent bring your wicked side out to play and check out all the blogs participating (listed on the bottom of this post) in the naughty fun!

It doesn't get any more wicked than sexy vampires and Alpha werewolves for me, so I've found the perfect combination of the two in an ebook bundle by the popular Lisa Renee Jones I've had on my wishlist for a while...hope you enjoy it!

 Giveaway provided by Romancing the Darkside

Giveaway Details:
  • Must be 18 years and older
  • Must be a follower via GFC or Linky Followers
  • Open Internationally (ebook set available in Kindle or Nook format only)

The Vampire Wardens & Werewolf Society Box Set by Lisa Renee Jones

About the book...

{Includes 3 Vampire Warden stories and 2 Werewolf Society stories}


The werewolf population is entrenched in a century long civil war, and now they are plagued by a virus that is turning wolves into killers. The Brooks brothers pursue one such rogue werewolf to Temple, Texas. It is in Temple that Evan encounters a beautiful nurse named Marissa who instantly melts the hundred years of ice running through his veins. When she is brutally attacked by the wolf, he breaks the rules of the Vampire Council and uses his blood to save her. Now, if he doesn’t kill the wolf by the next full moon, Marissa will become a killer wolf, and he will be sentenced to death.


The underground vampire population of Austin, Texas has taken to hosting orgies with human women who’ve been forced to indulge in a new aphrodisiac.The drug, Blood Red, is a mixture of a rare type of werewolf blood and that of a vampire. Blood Red creates an insatiable desire for sex in the user to the point of pain in the absence of pleasure. Sometimes that pain leads to death.

Vampire Warden, Aiden Brooks, has spent more than a hundred years enforcing the laws of his race, and life has taught him that anyone that he allows into his world ends up dead. Despite knowing this all too well, having painfully loved and lost in his past, when his search for the creator of Blood Red places coroner Kelly Riggs directly in both his path, and that of a dangerous clan of vampires, his desire for her goes well beyond offering her protection. He’s drawn to her bravery, seduced by her feisty spirit and beauty, but he is determined to resist her, fearing he will put her in harms way. But Kelly is already on the radar of the enemy, and when she gets too close to the evil vampire clan’s secrets, she is given Blood Red. Now Aiden’s hunger for her might be the only thing that can keep her alive but who will save her from him?


In blood they will find destiny and the eternal bond of passion…

A Vampire Warden betrayed by a werewolf he loved, turned into something not Vampire or Wolf. The woman – the wolf – who will heal him…if he doesn’t destroy them both first.

Also included:

Nico’s Story

A witch after his secret. A wolf after her pleasure.

Nico Moore is the leader of of The Werewolf Society’s elite Royal Guard. Aylia Richardson is the witch who calls to the beast in Nico, but destiny has also made her the keeper of a gift that threatens the very existence of his race. To destroy this gift will destroy this woman…the only one he has ever dared to call ‘mate’.

Kole’s Story

Kole Smith will soon become the leader of his pack, and not just any pack. He will lead the Royal Guard of the Werewolf Society. Before he accepts his role, he has unfinished business and her name is Sarah.

Sarah’s family ran the Casino Operation used as a front for The Werewolf Society, until the greed of the rebels trying to overthrow their government led to her families murder. Kole saved her life, gave her the opportunity to live, and to deliver the vengeance she craves against the rebels.

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  1. I wore a barmaid!

  2. I was 'Slutty' Red Riding Hood a few years times!!

    Thanks for the chance to win :) raynman1979 at yahoo dot com

  3. One year I was a sexy Genie with a half shirt and see through pants. Whew what I wouldn't give to have that body back! :)
    Thanks so much for your awesome giveaway. I have this set on my wishlist already so would be so thrilled if I actually win. :)

  4. Sorry, I'm not a wicked costume wearer. The most exciting was a doctor's outfit because I worked in a hospital and had lots of great props.

  5. My sister and I have dressed up as a shower one time. We made an oval out of pcp pipe and attached a shower curtain to it. We trimmed the curtain and had on bikinis and carried it from the inside. Not really that wicked but the best I can do.

  6. I would have to say the cowgirl outfit
    A tank top that was tucked up into my bra that pushed up my Tatas a bit and exposed my belly then put on a flannel shirt on and tied that just below the tatas then put a snug fitting jeans on with cowgirl boots and put my hair in pig tails topped it off with cowboy hat...

    Great question


  7. Dressed as a French Maid, my husband was quite taken with that costume!
    skpetal at hotmail dot com

  8. You had me at your "you say witch like it is a bad thing" graphic!

    I can't pull off sexy Halloween, but I can do scary. I went as the devil one year. Went bald and painted my face and head red. Had fangs, pointy ears and horns. It was great.

    Glad to be in this blogfest with you!

    Tim Brannan

  9. I have not dressed up in years I'm boring I stay home! I do love to see what the kids dress up as when I hand out candy! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  10. It was my short mini skirt Abby costume from NCIS. :)

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  11. Great Blog Hop!

    susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

  12. So excited this hop is finally here! I was a SEXY Red Devil.
    Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>

  13. I dressed up as a groupie :)

    rafflecopter name- Dawna Newman


  14. Very short french maid costume the year I was 21 >.>


  15. a french maid too..I was maybe! great giveaway!

  16. I was a female devil

  17. wow, A lot of us were French Maids! lol.. I was 21 as well. It was definitely short, and very low cut.... Those were the days!
    Christine S
    cms72023 at gmail dot com

  18. I think the sexiest that I've worn was a bar wench costume. It showed off my figure perfectly! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. Halloween is not a big thing in Australia, but like seeing what you all get up to.

  20. I was a pin up girl is little boy shorts and fish nets, corset w/ pin up hair and makeup!

    prnovel - gmail

    -Amanda P
    Paranormal Romance

  21. We don't celebrate Halloween here in Australia, but I'd love to be dressed up as a witch I think.

  22. In the past I used to always dress up as a vampire, and it almost always included a vinyl dress, chrome fangs that I glued on to my teeth, and lots of eye make up and halloweenish jewelry. The good ol days!

  23. I was a slutty bride a few yrs ago.
    Jennifer Rote
    wildnmild4u at yahoo dot com

  24. gothic dolly with an altered french maid dress. :)

  25. slutty waitress! LOL
    Thanks so much for the contest!

  26. Havent dressed up as an adult :(would love to though .Accidently hit submit button before I entered my tweet
    Thank you for this chance to win

  27. Naughty nurse lol
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  28. OH, I can do a pretty sexed up steampunk witch.
    Happy Halloween!!!

  29. I don't do wicked costumes. Most years I go as a mime, because it's easy & comfortable. One year I went to a work party as Cousin It from the Addams Family. Would have been a great costume if the party had been held outside or in a barn, way too warm for a heated building.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at

  30. I was a genie. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, but if I had to choose, I'd be a sexy cop ;)


  32. I was a sexy Raggedy Ann a few years ago...odd, but cool :)

  33. My sexy pirate costume~ the skirt was super short after you put a petti under it and the boots were KILLER sexy! And the hat didn't hurt the look either! I got a ton of compliments and felt super powerful in it, hahaha! Thanks for the hop :)


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