Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mini Review: Confessions of a Sex Demon by Jaye Shields

Title: Confessions of a Sex Demon
Author: Jaye Sheilds
Series: The Sex Demon Trilogy ~ Book #1
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Beachwalk Press
Format: ebook
Source: Sizzling PR Tours
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Zahra proves that sex demons do it better as she goes from captive to captivator.

Sex Demon Zahra Aniron is a closet romantic. Too bad she spends her time having hot, kinky sex with paying strangers. But she needs the money to pay off her sister's debt to wizard thugs. There could be worse things than getting paid for pleasure, especially since a sex demon needs climax to survive.

As a blacksmith, Lennox Aegros puts his fury to good use pounding steel into swords. When he arrives at a new town, his real cause for being there isn't to sell weaponry, it's for revenge. When he finds the succubus he's been searching for, her beauty means he can mix business with pleasure. But the joke's on Lennox, because as he succeeds in torturing his victim by repeatedly bringing her to the brink of orgasm and then denying her the release that she so desperately needs, he realizes that Zahra's slow demise means the breaking of a heart he didn't think he had.

 My Romancing Thoughts:

In three words: Steamy, seductive and scandalous!

What happens when you pair a sexy succubus with a rebel blacksmith? A sinfully erotic tale of desire and revenge! In Confessions of a Sex Demon we meet the ever confident Zahra, a woman who uses her charm to earn a living while satisfying her succubus needs to provide a better life for her drug-addicted adopted sister Sephina. Life for Zahra is anything but ordinary and things are about to change forever when she finds herself kidnapped at the hands of the attractive blacksmith Lennox. Lennox can't deny his attraction to the feisty succubus but even her sultry charms can't deter him from his mission of vengeance...or can they?

I have to hand it to Ms. Shields, she outdid herself in creating an original story that draws you into her dark and seductive world. A romantic at heart, I wasn't too pleased with Lennox's actions of kidnapping Zahra in the beginning of the book but I quickly changed my mind when we learn his reason behind the madness. Zahra and Lennox are both flawed and tortured characters that the reader instantly connects with. There's an emotional element that tugs at your heart strings and anticipating a happy ending for these two. It's a smart mix of erotic, paranormal and historical (due to its medieval setting) with plenty of heat.

If you're in the mood for something new and somewhat kinky...Ms. Shields will leave you satisfied with her titillating tale of seduction!

Warning: This book contains strong language, graphic sex, light BDSM scenes and adult situations that some readers might find objectionable.

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  1. Thank you for the thrilling review on such a sexy site. <3 I'm glad you enjoyed Confessions of a Sex Demon

  2. Great review! The books sound awesome. Thanks for sharing!!!


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