Monday, October 15, 2012

Got FEVER? Get ICED with a preview of Karen Marie Moning's Upcoming Release starring Dani O'Malley

Karen Marie Moning's ICED is one of my most anticipated releases this fall (in just 14 days!) so I'm super excited to be sharing a free preview with you all, courtesy of Ms. Moning and Random House Publishing. I hope you all enjoy it!

For those of you wondering if ICED will venture into the world of Young Adult books, here's what Ms. Moning had to say:
"Guys, ICED is NOT Young Adult. Dani ages during the next three books of the Fever Series. Yes, there's sex. I like writing about sex. I always write about sex. No, 14-year old Dani doesn't have sex. Other people do. Nor does 14 -year old (at the start of the trilogy) Dani make it a book by or for a 14 year old. I promise you all the magic you've come to expect from the Fever World. I don't write YA. This series isn't YA. Please spread the word so my inbox will calm down :)"

How excited are you for this release? I'd love to know!

Pre-order your copy of ICED today:

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  1. The Fever series is my all time fave so I can't wait to get hold of ICED! I shared this excerpt as well & literally drooled when I read it.. It's ah-mazing!!!


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