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Tell Me No Lies Blog Tour: Mini Review & Giveaway

Author Mahalia Levey's blog tour kicked off yesterday so I'm really excited to be hosting the second stop on the Tell Me No Lies Blog Tour today! If you love to take a break from the real world and lose yourself in a hot and sexy romance, you've got to check out this fabulous author! Check out my review of her latest release below and enter for the chance to win one of her books.

Title: Tell Me No Lies
Author: Mahalia Levey
Series: 1NightStand
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Format: ebook
Source: CLNB Blog Tours
Buy it here: Amazon | B&N | Decadent Publishing

Dancing isn’t easy. Four nights a week Caileigh disappears into the persona of ‘Autumn’ to make a decent buck. The foster care system didn’t prepare her for what happens after turning twenty-one. Armed with only a high school diploma and forty bucks, she’s thrust on the hard cold streets, where she takes the only job a young girl with no prospects can get. Selling small pieces of herself to strangers isn’t the life she wishes for. Deep down she aches for a better life. 

A scant piece of paper gives Orias the name of a seedy business and a photograph to keep vigil over his newest target. To find such beauty among the dredges of society wrecks every ounce of intelligence he possesses. For once, despite his being fallen, Orias thinks to disobey a direct order—never touch the protected. The way she moves on stage entrances him, but the sadness hidden underneath a facade of sexual promise makes him want to battle all her demons. Underneath his dark soul, he craves her light and the  warmth of love. Will Fate allow them a life together? 

 My Romancing Thoughts:

Sinfully sweet and sexy!
Scarred from a difficult upbringing as an orphan, Caileigh works as a dancer in order to pay the bills. She might not like the job but it's her only ticket to a better life. Looking for love in a dance club is out of the question so Caileigh enlists the help of Madame Eve, matchmaker extraordinaire. Caileigh is intrigued by the gorgeous stranger who she sees night after night at the club, the one who treats the women with respect, unlike most of the customers.

When her usual customer seeks the attention of another dancer, Caileigh is approached by the sexy mystery man, Orias, and happily joins him. She'll soon learn nothing is as it seems in her world and will have to put her trust in this stranger to keep her safe from the evil hunting her. As a fallen angel, Orias has been on a mission to protect the innocent and never let emotions get in the way. He sees Caileigh as just another assignment until he meets her. Drawn by her innocence and beauty, Orias soon finds himself breaking his orders for a chance at love.

Tell Me No Lies is a short but romantic novella with an unexpected paranormal twist. Caileigh is a strong leading lady who has been through hell but has managed to keep her innocence, body and soul untouched. I connected with her and the strength she exudes. Orias is a heavenly hero and tortured soul I couldn't get enough of, I wanted to learn more about him and his past but due to the book's length, I was left wanting.

The pairing of these two characters is perfect, both have had their struggles and are longing for love which they find unexpectedly in each other, I have to hand it to Madame Eve, she sure knows how to create a love match! The paranormal elements of demons and fallen angels added a dark and mysterious feel to the story which I found intriguing. I was drawn into the world Mahalia created and would love if she wrote a full length novel with more of Orias and Caileigh in the future. With a winning blend of romance and eroticism, Tell Me No Lies is a sure read for those who like a little extra passion in their reading!

My Rating

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  1. Thank you for having me and the great review :)

  2. Hey Mahalia, wanted to drop by and show my support of this awesome book!

  3. Thank you for hosting Mahalia today on this gorgeous blog!

  4. Wow - ooh another great author to add to my "must read" list - powerful background character profiles really entice you in, don't they? xx

  5. Congrats again on your new release, and I have already added it to my gotta have list too.
    Thank you for the giveaway. Wishing you continued success.


  6. Decadent Publishing. I know right.....I love this blog :) Thanks Olivia, Bezzzza thanks for stopping in and commenting.

    Darcy love nice to see you again!

  7. those are some nice covers...
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  8. Thank you for having me and the review :P

    Guests, thank you for stopping by in support!

  9. Mahalia, it was great to have you on Romancing the Darkside...I look forward to reading more of you work soon...thanks for stopping by!

  10. Congrats on your new release, i must add this on my list. I enjoyed review and love cover to.

  11. These are awesome books. I would love to read both books. Please enter me in contest.

  12. Tell Me No Lies looks very interesting, great cover as well.
    I can't wait to learn more about the book.
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

  13. Mahalia is a new to me author, but her books look interesting.

  14. Thanks for the introduction to an author I haven't read yet!
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