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ARC Review: Scent of a White Rose by Tish Thawer

Title: Scent of a White Rose
Author: Tish Thawer
Series: {The Rose Trilogy ~ Book #1}
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Amber Leaf Publishing
Format: e-ARC
Source: Author
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A vampire's love...

An innocent's guilt...

A secret no one could've imagined...

A paranormal romance that entices with a heroine that isn't quite what she seems, a vampire whose love story is filled with dark surprises, and a vampire clan whose Sire has lost the ability to inflict "the change". (Goodreads)

 My Romancing Thoughts:

An enchanting debut worthy of praise!

Rose is a young woman who is trying to cope with the sudden death of her dear mother. Tired of being treated as an innocent young girl and being under her father's constant vigilance, she seeks refuge in the arms of the dark and mysterious vampire Christian. His identity has been kept a secret from Rose while he waits for the day to reveal himself and share the gift of immortality with his true love. But Christian isn't the only one with a secret, Rose has a few of her own that will put their love to the ultimate test and forever change their lives.

I was drawn into Rose and Christian's story from the first page. You won't find any sulking or brooding blood drinkers here, instead we are introduced to a new hierarchy of light and dark vampires who live among humans by concealing their identities, while following a code of ethics among them. Rose is a admirable heroine, even for her young years. She's had her share of tragedy and never lets that stop her from trying to live her life to the fullest. Rose is sweet, smart, outspoken and a character you can really identify with, I love her optimism and determination.

Christian, her love interest might look like a bad boy, but he's quite the gentleman and romantic. His love for Rose is pure and will stop at nothing to protect her, what more could you want in a hero? Christian is the perfect leading man, he's sexy, protective and loyal, he'll have you wrapped around his finger in no time with his chivalrous ways! Another character that really made an impression on me was the vampire Terrance. He's mysterious, dark and definitely a tortured hero who has lost his way but still has some good in him, I can't wait to learn more about his character in future books.

In Scent of a White Rose, Tish Thawer crafts a seductive vampire tale with her eloquent writing style and keen sense of romance that simply entrances! The story line of vampire guy falls in love with human girl might sound familiar, but don't let that deter you from getting your hands on this book. The author's take of the vampire myth is fresh, exciting and engaging. Scent of a White Rose has all the essential elements of a  paranormal romance: a suspenseful plot that will keep you on edge, solid characters, a beautiful love story and a climactic ending that will leave you begging for more of Rose and Christian! A great beginning to a promising new series by a new and gifted author you won't want to miss.

My Rating

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  1. Okay definitely going to have to check this one out. Great Review.


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