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Review: Holiday Bound by Beth Kery

Title: Holiday Bound
Author: Beth Kery
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Format: ebook, 110 pages
Source: My Copy
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The Oedipal Complex has never been so sexy…

Alex Carradine can’t believe his father wants to come and visit his ski resort. Could it be that after so many stormy years, “slick Mitch” Carridine wants to offer an olive branch? Maybe the old man is mellowing, settling down with the new lover he’s bringing along.

Then Alex realizes the acid truth. This is no warm family visit. His father’s latest conquest is none other than the woman of Alex’s sexual fantasies, meant only to dangle tauntingly in front of his face. At least an unexpected blizzard has frozen his father out of the picture entirely.

Angeline Kastakis was looking forward to taking the next step in her relationship with Mitch. Too late she realizes she’s been led into a familial battle zone. Now it’s Christmas and she’s marooned in a blizzard with an insolent, gorgeous hunk of man whose blazing blue eyes tell her loud and clear he wants her in his bed. Preferably tied to it with a bow.

There’s no escape in sight. But as Alex stirs her secret longing to be mastered by a man, escape is the last thing on her mind… (Goodreads)


 My Romancing Thoughts:

The perfect read to heat up your holidays!

When Angeline is invited by her (older) boyfriend Mitch Carradine on a weekend trip to his son's ski resort, she gladly accepts, with hopes of taking their relationship to the next level. On her way there, she becomes stranded due to a massive blizzard and is rescued by none other than the handsomely rugged Alex, Mitch's son. With nowhere to go, Angeline is faced with spending her long awaited Christmas weekend, with a sexy stranger instead. There is no love lost between Alex and his father Mitch, but when he's in the presence of his father's latest conquest, Angeline, she sparks an uncontrollable, primal desire in him that tests his willpower like no woman ever has...

Holiday Bound is a sexy and sensual story with character depth and substance. I was pleasantly surprised with the author's style of blending erotica with contemporary romance. Angeline is a fun leading lady who comes off as a little naive but quickly shows us she's anything but. Alex is an Alpha lover's dream come true with his brute manner, tender heart and dominant ways, it's hard to not fall for his character!

Kery pens an erotic holiday tale that is sure to keep you warm on those cold winter nights. The pairing of characters is perfect and so is their chemistry. I devoured this short novella and though I was left wanting more, enjoyed it immensely. If a little submission and scorching scenes of passion are your cup of tea in a story, look no further, you won't be disappointed with Holiday Bound! 

My Rating

*Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Light bondage, BDSM theme and elements.

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  1. I read this one last year after I downloaded it for free from B&N. It was a good hot, quick read. Nice review!


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