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Mini Review: Somewhere in Between by Stacey Kennedy

Somewhere In Between
Author: Stacey Kennedy
Series: {1NightStand ~ Book #2}
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Format: ebook, 46 pages
Source: Author
Buy it here: Amazon | Decadent Publishing

U.S. Marshal, Wyatt Tanning is in a race to catch a serial killer who has evaded the authorities. Just as the case hits a dead end, an unexpected email gives him a lead. As much as he wants to share the surprising message with his lover, Rye Daniels, he must hunt a killer first. 

Darby Grant never expected that one night would change her life forever, but that’s exactly what happened. Not only has she been abducted, but she is in a situation that nightmares are made of. As she begins to lose all hope, fate steps in to offer her aid, but she’s well aware things will never be the same again. Soon, though, Darby begins to realize that might not be such a bad thing… (Goodreads)

*Warning: Contains m/m and a ménage love scene.

My Romancing Thoughts:

So HOT my Nook almost melted!

In Takedown, we meet U.S. Marshall Wyatt Tanning who seeks the woman of his dreams in an unconventional way and gets quite a surprise when he ends up falling for UFC fighter, Rye Daniels. While on a case to find a serial killer, Wyatt receives a lead from the very woman who set him up with Rye, Madame Eve, and is able to rescue Darby Grant from the hands of the killer before she can become another victim. A month after her abduction has passed, Darby is starting to piece her life back together when she finds US Marshall Wyatt at her home and learns the killer who almost took her life is on the loose and intent on finishing what he started. Forced to leave her "normal" life behind, she finds herself with a sexy new and exciting future!

Stacey Kennedy can do no wrong in my book! Somewhere in Between is a sexy, short tale for anyone that's looking for a little spice and excitement in their reading. I love the strong Alpha male characters Wyatt and Rye are in the first in the series and they made me love them even more in this book! Darby is an emotional wreck after her near death experience with a sadistic serial killer, Marcus, who kidnapped and tortured her before Wyatt saved her. She has a wall up and is not trustworthy of others, but that all changes when she's in the company of Wyatt and his lover Rye. In Darby, Wyatt sees the missing piece to completely fulfill his life, a female companion that can give him the family he's always wanted,  something that catches him completely off guard. Vulnerable Darcy feels safe in the company of Wyatt and Rye and soon finds herself attracted to both men.

Things flow pretty quickly once everyone's feelings are revealed. Wyatt and Rye are hot together, but nothing prepared me for the sensuality Darby brought out in them. While both characters had instant chemistry with Darby, I was a little surprised to see how quickly Rye accepted her into his relationship with Wyatt and how tender he was with her. I love how these two strong men offer Darby their protection and are willing to put their own emotions aside to see her heal from this tragedy. In the end Darby started her healing process with the love of not one but two handsome princes by her very own secret fairy godmother, Madame Eve!

This book is written in a novella-style but gives the reader a solid story by adding suspense and sexy romance. It can be read as a stand-alone but I highly recommend reading the first in the series to get a better understanding of the characters. Somewhere in Between is a smokin' hot read that is sure to please erotic romance lovers and spark the interest of those new to the ménage genre!

*Note: This book contains explicit sexual content and situations that some readers may find objectionable: M/M, Menage, and M/F/M sexual scenes.

My Rating

Romancing the Darkside Recommends: If you enjoy love triangles where everyone wins, love smut and guy-on-guy action!

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