Saturday, July 9, 2011

US vs. UK {6}: The Name of the Star

It's time for another US vs. UK Challenge!

This week I've chosen a book which has been on my wish list for some time and that I'm anxious to read:  The The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. I first featured this book on "Cover Crazy" and still haven't gotten around to reading it yet so I thought I'd compare the covers while I get my hands on the book.

Check out the covers below, the US cover being on the left and the UK on the right.


Although both covers drew me in, I have to say the US cover adds bit more suspense and fits the "Jack the Ripper" theme of the book. Both covers have a "gothic-style" and use color and black and white but the US cover has a real feel of Victorian England with the castle in the background. The mysterious man looming over the young, fresh faced sleeping beauty is just plain scary but hauntingly beautiful as well.

The UK cover gives you a sense of something paranormal but isn't as specific. The title is too large and takes away from the cover itself, in my opinion. The girl on the cover looks like she could be dead but the butterfly in her hair throws me off...what's going on there? While it's not a bad cover, I feel the UK version is just too busy to be appreciated. Sometimes less is more...

Another US win for me this week!

Total so far: US: 5, UK: 1

Which cover is your winner this week?

Do you have a book or series you'd like to see featured on my US vs UK feature? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Click here to share your suggestions!


  1. I'm torn between the 2... I agree that the U.S. one offers more of a mystery but at the same time the UK cover is gorgeous in its own...

  2. I like both...but I LOVE the US one! Can't wait for this book!

  3. Oooh I really love both of them for totally different reasons!! But I'll go with US!!


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