Saturday, June 18, 2011

US vs. UK {5}: Envy

It's that time again: another US vs. UK challenge!

This week's challenge is the third book in a series I wasn't too sure about when I started reading and ended up loving! I was hesitant to read the Fallen Angel's Series by J.R. Ward after falling in love with her Black Dagger Brotherhood series but was pleasantly surprised by it and ended up loving it too! The third book in the series and my pick for this week is Envy

Check out the covers below, the US cover being on the left and the UK on the right.

The US cover draws me in right away. I love the colors and the angel wings which totally fits the theme of the series. The UK cover looks too much like the UK Black Dagger Brotherhood series covers and is a bit too dark for me. I do like the motorcycle in the UK cover but the US cover seems a little more "angelic."

My winner this week is the US!

Our total so far: US: 4, UK: 1

Which cover is your winner this week?

Do you have a book or series you'd like to see featured on my US vs UK feature? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Click here to share your suggestions!


  1. Definately US. I love that cover. I'm excited to start this series

  2. I also have to go with the US cover on this one. It's destinctive and eye catching.

  3. I have to say...I don't like either cover *looks ashamed* Although Paul Marron is on the US one, so maybe I will pick that LOL!


  4. I guess I am in the minority. I think the UK cover it the most eye popping for me and I would have picked it up to check out before picking up the US cover. Thanks for the fun today.


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