Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mini Review: A Knight to Remember by Karin Tabke

A Knight to Remember
Author: Karin Tabke
Series: {Blood Sword Legacy ~ Book 3.5}
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Inc.
Format: ebook

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Promised to the cloister, the free-spirited Lady Mercia returns home before her final vows for her sister Rowena’s wedding to a Welsh prince. But fate intervenes when she finds a badly wounded man washed up upon the shore.

Unable to resist his fevered pleas for her help, she hides him amongst the caves she played in as a child. And there, as she nurses the handsome stranger back to health, she discoverers a passion for him she cannot resist. Knowing she is promised to God and will never know the touch of man, Mercy gives in to her heart’s desire and her body’s craving.

On his way to his betrothed, Lady Rowena, Prince Rhodri of Dinefwr is shipwrecked and badly wounded, with no memory of who he is. But he does not care; an angel of Mercy has come to claim his mind, body, soul, and--soon--his heart. (Goodreads)

My Romancing Thoughts:

A passionate and romantic medieval tale of Cinderella!

Mercy, a young woman that has been promised to an abbey of nuns by her father, returns home for her older sister's betrothal to Prince Rhodri of Dinefwr. When she stumbles upon an injured stranger near the beach who cannot remember who he is, Mercy takes him to a secluded cave to nurse him back to health. She sneaks out every chance she gets and tends to the handsome shipwrecked stranger, until caring for him becomes more than just a good dead. Mercy knows she will never be able to love anyone but God but begins to fall for her the man in her care and decides to give into her temptations just once by using her sister's name Rowena, instead of her own. When the true identity of the stranger is finally revealed, Mercy is faced with losing more than just her heart.

This was a fun and romantic love story with a sexy hero and a lovable heroine. It's too fast paced and short to get fully invested in the characters but the writing is magnificent. Mercy is a heroine you can't help but feel for and Rhodri is the kind of Alpha hero you read romance for! The romance is great and the ending was even better. I will undoubtedly be reading the rest of this series and more by this author soon. A Knight to Remember is a romantic tale with a happy ending for all fans of historical romance!

My Rating:
5 Roses Rating


  1. Cool review! I got the book earlier this month and it's awaiting to be read. Now I can't wait!!!


  2. I loved Karin Tabke's Blood Sword Legacy Series. I can't wait to read her paranormal next.


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