Friday, June 3, 2011

Check Out My R.A.K.!

R.A.K. {Random Acts of Kindess} is a monthly feature hosted by the awesome ladies at Book Soulmates! This is my second time participating in R.A.K., check out what I received and sent out in May!

Last month I received:

Nightshade from Mia N.
Timeless from Mia N.
{Thanks so much for these!}

R.A.K.s I sent:

The Body Finder ~ Sent to Mia N 
Pale Demon ~ Sent to Candance @ Candace's Book Blog

That's all for this month!

You can find my RAK Wishlist HERE.
If you're interested in participating in R.A.K. head on over to Book Soulmates to sign up for June!

Book Soulmates


  1. OMG. I love RAK button. so pretty or maybe I'm a "purple" nut =DDDDDD

    Nightshade is great! Hope u enjoy it =DDDD


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