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ARC Review: Lessons In Indiscretion by Karen Erickson

Lessons In Indiscretion
Author: Karen Erickson
Genre: Historical Romance
Publisher: Carina Press
Format: ebook
Source: Received by NetGalley
Release Date: June 20, 2011

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Widowed Lady Julia Renwick is still young enough to crave a man's touch; but she's too old to think that the Earl of Bedingfield could see her as anything more than a family friend. Garrett Walker is handsome, charming and only 26 years old—the perfect catch for any one of this year's debutantes.

Garrett has no interest in the maidens vying for his attentions. He wants only Julia. With just two weeks left in the season, he makes a bold move by asking her to dance. When she counters with a shocking request of her own, Garrett eagerly agrees.

Soon, they are stealing away for passionate encounters at every society event they attend. Garrett introduces Julia to excitements she never knew existed, and her newfound confidence quickly attracts other eligible men. It's not long before Garrett realizes he must find a way to keep the lady all to himself... (Goodreads)

My Romancing Thoughts:

An enticing, sensual historical romance!

Lady Julia Renwick is a widow, who after mourning her late husband for three years is ready to have another man in her life, even if it comes in the form of a discreet, casual fling. Julia has her eyes set on the available and handsome Garrett, Earl of Bedingfield, a man five years her junior with plenty of women to choose from and who also happens to be a family friend. When she finds herself all alone with Garrett at a nightly function, Julia wastes no time in propositioning the charming Earl into sharing her bed until the end of the season.

To her surprise, Garrett reveals his interest in Julia and willingly accepts to be her lover; he finds her intoxicating and jumps at the chance to have her. Both Julia and Garrett think they understand the rules of the game but over the course of a few weeks, everything changes. While Julia tries to come to terms with the end of the season and ending their affair, Garrett refuses to renounce the woman who has awakened emotions new to him and will stop at nothing to make his feelings known.

I'm a huge fan of historical romance and this short and sensual novella is no exception! It's usual for the man to pursue the woman in these stories, but here we have Julia who's an older woman who knows what she wants and goes for it in a time which strictly forbids this attitude in a've got to love that! Garrett is a suave and sexy bachelor with experience and an impulsive sexuality that will leave you sighing. Their encounters heat up the pages but it's the moments where they exchange personal stories with each other I found most charming. Julia and Garrett have undeniable chemistry and although their relationship develops quickly, it doesn't feel rushed or questionable.

Lessons In Indiscretion is a sexy and scandalous read for those who love daring women and lustful rakes!

My Rating:
5 Roses Rating


  1. I like the sound of this book,,,that was a great review thanks for sharing

  2. Glad you liked it. I almost got it, but I am on overload now.. Its still tempting to go get it LOL. How long it it??

  3. I liked this one too! I'm looking forward to more Merry Widows stories.

    Jen at Red Hot Books

  4. Karen and Lori - this one does sound wicked and delicious! Karen, love the cover! Historicals hold a special place in my heart; I love anything set in England and will definitely have this read on my TBR list! Great job!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    @Laurie(BittenbyParanormalRomance): It's not long at all, approximately 60 pages...hope you can squeeze it in!

  6. What a wonderful review. Thank you for sharing today.

  7. Thanks so much for the review, Lori. I really appreciate it! I'm so glad you enjoyed Lessons in Indiscretion. Just to let you know, the second Merry Widows novella will be out in November. ;)


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