Saturday, June 4, 2011

2011 Summer Romance Reading Challenge

Book Chick City is hosting a Summer Romance Reading Challenge that I just couldn't say no to! Since my reading specialty is romance and I have a pile of books to be read in this category, I knew this was a challenge I'm sure to complete in no time!

Timeline: 1st June 2011 ~ 30th Sept 2011.
Challenge: Read 8  or 16 romance books in 4 months (I will probably change this to 16 if I'm lucky!)

For more information or to sign up, just click on the button above or click HERE.

My Progress: 8 out of 8 books read {Completed on 06/14/11}
New Goal: 16 books

My Latest Progress: 16 out of 16 books read!  {Challenge Completed on 06/26/11}         



  1. Congrats on finishing the Summer Romance Reading Challenge so soon! Maybe next year I'll have to make it harder LOL


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