Saturday, May 28, 2011

US vs. UK {4}: The Hollows Series

It's that time again: another US vs. UK challenge!

This week's feature series is one that I started reading for a book club and quickly fell in love with, The Hollows Series, also known as The Rachel Morgan Series by Kim Harrison. This series was my introduction to urban fantasy and Kim Harrison made me a fan of this great genre!

Check out the covers below, the US cover being on the left and the UK on the right.

This might be my easiest choice to make so far in US vs. UK. US hands down! I love that the US covers keep Rachel's face a mystery and are true to her character's fashion sense and world of graveyards and danger. The UK covers remind me of the "Kill Bill" movies and are a little too colorful for the genre in my opinion. It seems they used a few different models for the UK version which is also a turnoff for me, although the last cover model does a good job in resembling Rachel Morgan's character. The mystery of the US covers just wins it for me this time around!

Total so far: US: 3, UK:1
Which would you choose as your favorite?

Do you have a book or series you'd like to see featured on my US vs UK feature? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Click here to share your suggestions!


  1. I have to go with the US covers on this one!

    Francesca @ Under The Covers

  2. Defo US, but I didn't even know that last UK cover would be so different from the rest. I really like it!


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