Monday, May 30, 2011

Mini Review: Date with Death by Eve Langlais

Date with Death
Author: Eve Langlais
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Format: ebook ~ 44 pages

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She never expected to fall in love with Death.

Marigold has a date with Death, but when she foils his plan to take her soul back to Hell, she invites him to dinner instead.

Mictain, an Aztec god who now collects the dead for Satan, is baffled at his interest in the plump human who can see him. Intrigued--and in lust--he can’t help pursuing her. But things are never simple when gods are involved.

Lucifer, Lord of Hell tries to warn him away and even Marigold’s long lost father decides to butt in. But, despite the opposition, things heat up between them, and Marigold learns, when Death comes calling, it’s best to get naked and invite him into bed—and her heart. (Goodreads)

My Romancing Thoughts:

A sexy and witty novella that will heat up your afternoon! 

Marigold is just an "ordinary" witch trying to create a potion to get rid of her much hated freckles when she receives a visit from a very sexy stranger named Mictain, who claims to be reaper for Satan himself. Mari is totally dumbfounded by the gorgeous man in her home and instead of fearing this man who has come to take her soul into the Underworld, she invites him over for dinner! The instant attraction is not at all one-sided, Mick also has the hots for the feisty witch and is willing to go against his duties and Lucifer's wrath to have her. 

This is a great novella for anyone that wants to add a little smut to their day or their reading. If there's one thing Eve Langlais does flawlessly it's hot and unbridled passion! To quote the ridiculous words of John Mayer, Marigold and Mictain are sexual napalm together! Marigold is a funny and ballsy heroine who will have you bursting at the seams with her snarky comments. Mictain will melt your heart and leave you drooling...I'd recommend keeping a towel handy while reading! An Aztec god, a witch with a powerful father and a devil with a sense of humor make this story an amusing adventure with a bit of mystery and a shocking revelation you won't see coming. Date with Death is a fresh take on paranormal romance, infused with mythology and plenty of heat guaranteed to satisfy!

My Rating:
3 Roses Rating

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  1. Hey Huni,

    Great review!! I read this and bloody loved it!! I love the way Eve writes. Her stories are hilariously sexy!!


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