Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Like Clockwork by Bonnie Dee

Like Clockwork
Author: Bonnie Dee
Genre: Steampunk
Publisher: Carina Press
Format: ebook
Source: Received for review by NetGalley
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Victoria's work with automatons has gained her renown and changed the face of London. But her concern that the clockworks are taking too many jobs away from humans, creating social unrest, is ignored. Given the ugly mood of the underclass, she fears more outbreaks of violence similar to the murder spree of the notorious Southwark Slasher.

Dash, unemployed thanks to the clockworks, has pledged fealty to The Brotherhood, a group determined to bring about the downfall of the automatons by any means necessary. His plan to kidnap Victoria goes awry when the unorthodox scientist pledges her assistance to their cause.

Despite their opposite social classes, a bond grows between them, and Victoria begins to feel emotions she never expected for the passionate Dash. But when the Slasher strikes close to home, Dash and Victoria realize that the boundaries of polite society are far from the only threat to their happiness...(Goodreads)

My Romancing Thoughts:

This is my second time reading a steampunk novel and I must say I enjoyed every page, I have found a new genre to love! The combination of the Victorian era with science, adventure, mystery and romance make this a very versatile and likable genre. The novella style is a great introduction to newcomers of steampunk, it delivers a thrilling story without being overwhelming.

Victoria is a smart and independent woman who has broken all the rules in society to pursue her true passion, science. She's single, with no children and has dedicated her life's work to eradicate dangerous work conditions for humans by creating robots called automatons who can withstand these dangers unharmed. What Victoria didn't expect was that these automatons would one day replace the human workforce, these were truly not her intentions. Now she and her colleagues must face the uprising of the Brotherhood, a secret organization who want to change things back to the way they were before the automatons.

Dash is dark, passionate and a member of the Brotherhood, he's determined to go to all lengths to have Victoria aid in his small revolution. When Dash kidnaps Victoria and reveals his plan he is not met with any resistance on her part, she in fact agrees to help him which shocks Dash. Holding her to her word, he willingly lets Victoria go, refusing the urge that wants to keep her by his side. Things quickly take a dark turn when a serial murder begins terrorizing the city's inhabitants a la Jack the Ripper.

Victoria and Dash are thrown into a chilling murder-mystery adventure in their quest for reformation...in the midst of this, feelings develop between the two but are not fully revealed until the end of the story. I love the tension that builds between these two characters who constantly resist the temptation of each other, it's a great representation of the time period. The anticipation of finding out what happens between them will keep you glued to the pages!

Like Clockwork is fast paced, thought provoking and romantic! It's beautifully written weaving an intricate world with well developed characters. Steampunk lovers will find this read smart and delightful; first-timers will find a new genre to pine over!

My rating:
4 Roses Rating

*Thanks to Carina Press and NetGalley for allowing me to read and review!


  1. This sounds really good! I keep meaning to try out steampunk...

    Your review makes me want to pick this one up!

  2. It was really a good read, you should definitely check the genre out!

  3. I love Steampunk! I thought about getting this one, but I'm too overwhelmed right now. Hopefully before long though cause it sounds good!

    Love your blog! Following and subscribing! Thanks for stopping by mine :)


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