Monday, March 7, 2011

Cover Crazy {1} Eona & Die For Me

Cover Crazy is a weekly meme, hosted by The Bookworms. It's main focus is to share and showcase book covers that caught our eye, whether it be through great colors or just a beautiful design.

This week I'm crazy for...
Eona  by Alison Goodman (Releases April 29th)

What I Love:
The awesome heroine on the cover, she looks like she's ready for battle!

The way she stands out from everything around her (even the huge dragon on the cover)...if you want to be noticed...wear red! 

The dragon silhouette is absolutely gorgeous with all it's detail, the eyes just pull you in!

Die for Me  by Amy Plum (Releases May 1st)

What I Love:
I love the gothic feel to this cover and the bright touches of color.

The heroine staring out into the distance has a melancholic vibe, especially when paired with the title.

This is the kind of cover that you see and are enticed to read the summary on the back to find out more.

It's funny that both covers I chose are from Young Adult books when I usually read paranormal romance...just goes to show that sometimes you do judge a book by it's cover!

 What covers are you crazy for this week?

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  1. Both of these covers are GORGEOUS!! I can't wait to read them both. :)


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