Monday, March 21, 2011

Cover Crazy {3} The Vampire Next Door

Cover Crazy is a weekly meme, hosted by The Bookworms. It's main focus is to share and showcase book covers that caught our eye, whether it be through great colors or just a beautiful design. 

This week I'm crazy for...
The Vampire Next Door by Ashlyn Chase
(Release Date: August 2011)

What I Love:
The bright colors that draw you in and cartoony design that screams: I'm a fun and flirty read!

The hand coming out of the coffin...I don't know if it's a vampire or a ghost!

The sexy heroine releasing her magic in a cute dress and pink heels...she seems like a fun character.

What cover are you crazy for this week?


  1. Totally agree with the fun and flirty design. Cute cover :)

  2. I cant wait for this book. I will say I am disappointed this will be the last one..

  3. This one is great. I don't see a lot of illustrated covers around lately. They are my favorite kind of cover. This one is funny because its sort of a serious topic, but the cover is so light.

  4. I've got the 1st & 2nd book on my Nook but I've not read them yet. I hope to get to them soon. Sounds like a fun series.


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